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Contact Us
Jiangyin TianGuang Technology Co.,Ltd
ADD: 28 Huagang Road(W.), Shizhuang, Huangtu,Jiangyin new port area,Jiangsu P.R,China
Tel: +86-510-86882027
Fax: +86-510-86893178
URL: www.katrinamior.com
E-mail: sales@shusongdai.net
"JIANGLIU" brand silicon membrance using the German Wagga high quality raw materials, and with foreign professional companies for technical cooperation, the use of advanced technology and special equipment(large drum sulfuration machine)the development of the company's existing large Peng type sulfur type units 4 units, including 2011 years the introduction of a drum diameter of 2.5 meters of Dlywood production line, the largest width of 4.2 meters without splice. Company daily rubber membrance production reached 1000 square meters.

"JIANGLlU" brand rubber membrance a good Surface finish, high stability, uniformly good reliability, long service life. Widely used in solar laminator, wooden doors, glass industry.

"JIANGLIU" brand modified silicon membrance is in the original silicon rubber based on improved, with the producl, and the use of automatic continuous large oven two vulcanization, so that the membrance in small molecules and odors can be fully decomposed volatiles, and fully guarantee the plate smoothness. Modified silica gel silica gel plate not only has high temperature resistance, and resistant to EVA, with high temperature, high strength and long service life.

"JIANGLIU" membrance from raw materials into the factory to the finished product packaging storage has a set of effective management system, thus confirming the quality of the product. The compallv has passed ISO9001-2008 international quality system certification, product by SGS certification testing company, through the EU REACH and ROS detection. And the American ASTM standards to carry out inspection The company has its own new material research institute, Wuxi photovoltaic solar plastic engineering technology center, can be carried out independently of various new materials, new product research and development. "JIANGLIU" rubberproducts are sold throughout the country, and exported to Japan, Korea, India, the United States and the European union.