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"Jiang Liu" brand nylon belt with nylon film base is film base tensile layer, the outer layer of wear-resistant rubber or contact tanning leather. The middle layer of high-strength polyamide fabric with high strength, small elongation, flex good, smooth transmission, shock-absorbffig cushion, friction coefficient, wear and oil resistance, anti-static, transmission efficiency and other characteristics.

For paper tube machinery and other light duty transmission;

Metal processing machinery transmission, loom, spinning machines, wire drawing machine, roving machine, carding machine, scutching machine, winding machine, printing drying machines, a subsidiary of computer machinery, woodworking machinery, light-load driving: fans, pumps and other mechanical transmission, the transmission of Twister cutting, combing machine, carding machine, Twister, and of the winding machine, paper machinery, woodworking machinery in the load transmission: fine spinning, the cotton machine, cotton opening and cleaning machines, paper machine, bag making machines, generators, blowers, chillers, dust and other heavy-duty gear drive.

Applicable to all industries, light and medium-sized belt transmission and printing machinery.

Light-load high-speed transmission, carding and other cross-transmission. Twisting machines and twisting machines, cone drive and other severe overload transmission, and easy to cut to the transmission oil dip; roll- rolling skin machine, rolling machine, textile cone drum drive: general powder rolling machine, space axis to axis transmission: mechanical wire drawing machine, and other high-power paper machines, blowers and other mechanical transmission.

Integrated with the advantages of rubber and leather. For high-speed, half-cross, high-power applications such as long transmission; the same time, slide the drive can withstand an instant.
~ nylon film base tensile strength ~> 3000kgf/cm3
~ nylon film base ~< 25% elongation at break
~ nylon film base elasticity of ~> 1200 kgf/cm2
~ sudace of the rubber (plastic) wear degree ~< 0.05cm3/1.61 km
~ layer of leather and leather floor separately leather two. The former surface is smooth and dense, the latter surface by sanding treatment, rough loose
~ Depending on the load situation, the choice of different thickness of the film base; according to different usage, to determine the different thickness of rubber. Film base thickness ranging from 0.3 ~ 1.5ram; necessary to suppress two-piece, hanging brown belt, with the Great Wall, punching with other special processing with Figure
Color: light green / yellow, green / green, dark green / yellow, light blue / black, blue / gray
The above conventional products, special requirements were invited to sample processing.