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 Rough surface of the rubber used to increase the friction coefficient. Often used in different processes in the textile industry, textile traction, such as the use in a variety of jets, jet, rapier, films and other shuttle loom and inspection machine, dyeing and finishing equipment, cloth roller and paper equipment.

Jiangliu brand dough products generally rough grain length 100rn, width of 100ram, 50ram, 40ram and other volumes, other widths can be customized according to requirements, the maximum width of 1000rnm. Application, spiral wrapping on the roller with adhesive cement, with the clamp or screw head.

Jiang Liu card grain dough with a variety of surface roughness pattern, the fabric can be used for various types of traction, with oil, brasion resistance, high temperature, high flexibility, no distortion, no elongation, no peeling, strong and durable.