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The light conveyor belt takes braided fabric made of polyester threads that has undergone special technical treatment as the carrier framework. One or beth sides are coated with rubber or PVC, PU, PE Featuring great strength, little elongation or extension, good bending and twisting ability stable running, long service life, etc.

PU conveyor belt takes braided frabic made of polyester threads that has undergone special treatment as the carrier framework, the surface is coated with polyurethane resin ascarrier-side. The color of Droduction: transparent, cream colored, green, lackish green.

PU conveyor belt has the common traits of high tensile strength, good bending, lightness, thinness and toughness. It also has the outstanding traits of anti-germ, wear-resistance, oil-resistance, nonpoisonous and saritary, easy toclean. All of these conform to the management requirement of conveying non-packed food.

Polyethylene (PE) material produced by Dow Coming Corporation American raw materials, processed by the Company prepared PE particles, and then extruded into a variety of PE conveyor belt. PE conveyor belt with PVC different, even when the temperature reaches 800 , such as burning does not release chlorine, carbon and other toxic gases of nitrogen, and sulfur, fluorine and other toxic elements, is cigarette factory and leaf silk production line re-plant equipment with matching belt roast ideal upgrade product. Is the preferred cigarette factory in the transformation of green-type conveyor.

Polyethylene (PE) in addition to ordinary conveyor belt of high tensile strength, flex a good, stable operation and other characteristics, non-toxic, sanitary, easy to clean, smooth surface, in the production process can be direct contact with food, is cigarettes, food, meat, poultry fish, fruit and vegetable processing industry processing equipment ideal accessories.
Mainly suitable for conveying light-weight materials in food, tobacco, electronic, printing, packing, textile and other industries;
For conveying medium-weight materials in food, tobacco, electronic, printing, packing, textile, dyeing, chemical, leather and other industries;
For conveying heavyweight, materials in metallurgical, building material, post chemical and other industries;
oThe green belt is for general purposes The white or transparent ones meet the food sanitation criterion. The blackish green or black ones meet static electricity conducting requirement. The volume resistance ~ 1O~[~cm;
oThe frame layer consists of at least one or two layers of braided polyester fabrics with rigid weft. For special requirements, the soft fiber can be adopted;
oAbrasive resistance of nylon base~< 0.05cm~/1.61 kin, Braided polyester thread fabric tensile strength/> 1250kgf/cm'; Breaking extensibility~ 20%;
eThe width of the conveyor belt exceeds the production width The way of bonding is cold gluing;
oSteel buckle joints can be adopted in special cases;
eThe above are ordinary products Special requi rement products can be processed according to the sample or drawing.